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Mission of Academic Affairs Office at Pei Cheng Junior High


        The mission of Academic Affairs Office is to provide services and programs that

enable  and  encourage  students  to  achieve success in their intellectual and personal

development  at  Pei Cheng  and  elsewhere.  Many  competitions,  such as homepage

design, photoguaph,Chinese and english recitation, are regularly held to help students

 learn broadly and gain achievements.


        Academic  programs  primarily  focus  on  the  practice of Nine-year Continuous

Curriculum  Teachers' in-service  learning  is  respected  and  encouraged,  which can

 improve  teaching  capabilities.  Of  equal  importance  are  the  maintenance  and

 expansion of school resources, especially the computer appliances.


        For more information regarding current academic issues and activites, read school

 board or contact the staff directly.