To Grow With You


Mission of Counselors' Office at Pei Cheng Junior High


       Counselors' Office provides confidential assistance for students who need help in

understanding   themselves,    in    making   adjustments  and  decisions,  in  accepting

responsibility  for  their  choices,  and  in  following  a  course of action to resolve any



        Sexuality and/or sexual orientation issues, self-esteem issues, relationship concerns,

and  career  concerns  are  but  a  few  of  the  topics  addressed  in  individual  or  group

 counseling sessions. Attention also is given to helping deficient students learn and live

 in a better way.


        Parents' initiatives are always welcome, either in knowing children's school life or

counseling other problems. Official conferences between parents and teachers or experts

are occasionally held, which would be informed on the school board.